Looking for the Best Card Games to Play for your Adult Party or Games Night? Voila!

In the hunt for great card games to play, I've found so many that are amazing and offer hours and hours of card gaming fun.

From legendary card games like the Wizard Card Game to different variations of the Phase 10 Card Game (I've played it for years and still love it!), there are so many games that are challenging, and most of all, simply, fun!

If you're hosting a party for adults, or simply having a couple of friends over, card games are a great answer to the "what should we play?" question.

Depending on how many play, most card games take 15-60 minutes, and some are even quicker. Because of that, you can easily rotate people through different games throughout the night, or even create a rotating gaming tournament with prizes!

Click on each of these fun card games listed below, and you'll find a personal review of the game along with tips, hints, strategies, printable card game rules and scorecards, and even some different playing variations.

I also add a unique rating to each game that helps match you to a game you'll enjoy. For example, if you like strategy games, but don't like waiting for your turn, there's a special game for you. If you like a card game that's easy to understand but is challenging to play, there's a game for you. If you don't care, and just want a fun game to play... then they're all for you! :-)

So take a look through these different card games to play (listed below), and get ready to invite some adult friends over for an exciting and fun games night.



Let's play!

Card Games:

Phase 10 Card Game
If you’ve never played the famous Phase 10 card game before, you’ve missed playing one of the most exciting and fun games of the century! Hey, with over 32 million units sold (2nd only to UNO), it’s an absolute classic!

Wizard Card Game
The Wizard card game is probably one of the most addicting card games I’ve ever played. It seems that without fail, every time the chairs are pulled up to the game table, I’m always asked if I’ve brought that certain card game... Wizard.

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